"Australian Shepherd Puppies available. Check the available page for more information"
Contact us for your next awesome Aussie or
Border Collie!
Greg & Tracy Bennett
Elko, GA
(478) 987-9670
Billy Rodriguez Jr.
Kissimmee, FL
(321) 278-8365
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Our Dogs Are Proudly Raw Fed &
Minimally Vaccinated!
Note: The American Kennel Club (AKC) and
Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), do not
recognize any size varieties of how to trade bitcoin the Australian Shepherd.

The mini/toy Australian Shepherd is not a size variety
of the Australian Shepherd, they are a separate breed!

We do not breed or support the mini/toy!
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"Our Dogs are a Pure Pleasure with Health, Beauty, Structure, Personality, and Brains to boot!"

Welcome to Pur-Plesur Australian cryptocurrency trading software Shepherds & Border Collies. The home of
multi AKC and ASCA Champions. We are located in Elko, GA. (6 miles south
of Perry). Greg and I became interested in Aussies in 1983 and the Border
Collie in 2007. We purchased our first Aussie that same year on our
honeymoon. She was so special to us that it began a life long love of the
breed. We entered the conformation ring in 1992 and have truly enjoyed
ourselves and have met some very wonderful people in the dog show world!
Our Pur-Plesur Aussies & Border Collies are cryptocurrency option trading Owner/Breeder handled all the
way! Our dogs are our family first, show dogs second, and breeding third.

We pride ourselves in producing beautiful, loyal, and loving companions! Our
goals and standards are high, our dedication to these wonderful breeds are
steadfast! We will always strive for the betterment of the Australian
Shepherd & Border Collie!
Thank you and I hope you enjoy our website......