Pur-Plesur Australian Shepherd Deposit Contract

THIS DEPOSIT CONTRACT (hereinafter "Contract") is effective when signed below by BOTH Seller
(hereinafter referred to as "Seller" whether singular or plural) and Buyer (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer"
whether singular or plural.) The following terms and conditions are agreed to between Seller and Buyer. * When
a reservation for a dog is placed, a $
150.00 deposit is required, and is non-refundable. * The Seller reserves the
right to cancel this contract, in which case the deposit will be refunded in full. * If Buyer and/or Seller feels there
is no show/breeding quality pup available out of the chosen cross; Buyer may roll deposit to another litter of
Buyer's and/or Sellers choice. Buyer may roll deposit two times and then deposit is forfeited and this contract is
null and void. * Buyer understands that others are contracted for future litters also. Buyer will be placed in pick
order on the litter of Buyer's and/or Sellers choice following those who have already been contracted. * No dogs
will be held without a deposit. Deposit will be deducted from selling price if paid in full at time of sale. *

Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to buy one Australian Shepherd pup as follows:
Color - First choice_______________ Second choice: ____________ No Preference: ____________
Sex - Male: _______________ Female: ________________ No Preference: ____________________
Pet/Companion/Performance: ______________ Breeding/Show prospect/Performance____________

Sire Name: __________________________________________ Sire Reg. #: _____________________
Dam Name: _________________________________________ Dam Reg. #: _____________________

_____Companion/Pet Quality ($8
00) {see below description}
PET/COMPANION QUALITY: These are pups we consider to be not as structurally sound as breeding quality.
These are wonderful companions, possibly Altered ASCA conformation and all performance, but are not suitable
for breeding. They are sold with Limited registration. Which means that their offspring are not eligible for AKC,
ASCA or any other registration. These Pups are sold on Spay/Neuter contracts, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Buyer/Co-Buyer(s): _____________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________Email: _______________________________________

Seller(s): __
Tracy Bennett__________________________________________________________
Address: ______
132 Sewell Rd Elko, GA 31025-2204___________________________________
Phone: __
(478) 987-9670__________________________________________________________

Buyer's Signature(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Seller's Signature(s): ____________________________________________________________________

Notice: All litters are posted on our Website with pedigrees and photos.
Print and Send deposit to:
Pur-Plesur Australian Shepherds
Greg & Tracy Bennett
132 Sewell Rd
Elko, GA 31025-2204
(478) 987-9670
E-mail: purplesur@hotmail.com
Website: www.pur-plesuraussies.com