Pur-Plesur Puppy Questionnaire
As a breeder, I have responsibilities that include:
  1. Limited breeding of healthy dogs of sound temperament.
  2. Breeding with the goal of improving the Australian Shepherd & Border Collie Breeds.
  3. Placing my puppies in responsible loving homes.
  4. Protecting my kennel name and the puppies we produce here at Pur-Plesur.
  5. Doing my best to prevent unwanted dogs from ending up in shelters or living in an abusive   
  6. Protecting my puppies from ending up in back yard breeder or puppy-mill situations.
  7. Getting to know and staying in touch with every home I place one of my puppies in.
One way in which I facilitate the above is to ask my potential puppy families to answer this
questionnaire. Thank you for your assistance
1. Why are you considering an Aussie
or Border Collie?: (please indicate
which breed)

2. Have you ever had one?:

3. Have you done any research on the
Aussie or Border Collie?:

4. Are you looking for a male or

5. Are you looking for a companion or
show quality pup/dog?

6. List all plans for this dog (Pet,
Guard, Herding, Obedience, Breeding,
Conformation, Agility, Other):

7. If you are interested in a show dog,
have you attended any dog shows?:

8. Are you interested in breeding your
dog? If Yes, why?:

9. Do you have any other pets?:

10. Do you have any children? If yes,
How many and ages?:

11. Do you have a fenced yard?:

12. If you do not have fencing, how will
you handle the puppies exercise and
toilet duties?:

13. Do you work outside the home? if
yes, where will the puppy stay?:

14. Are you familiar with crate
training?: Yes

15. If you are interested in a pet
puppy, do you have an objection to
spaying or neutering? If yes, Why?:

16. Do you have a color preference?:

17. Will you consider a puppy of
another color or sex, if your preference
is not available?:

18. Are you aware that Aussies shed
and need weekly grooming?:

19. Are you committed to caring for
this dog for it's lifetime?:

20. Where will your dog stay (House,
yard, Etc.)?:

21. Are you willing to sign a
spay/neuter or show prospect

22. Where did you learn about me or
my litter/puppy?:

Now it's your turn, do you have any
comments or questions for us?:




Thank you from Pur-Plesur Australian Shepherds &
Border Collies!