Puppy Information

The quality of Aussies and Border Collies, we do produce, is very important to us.
Finding quality, life-long homes for our wonderful Aussies
& Border Collies is given
highest priority. We work very hard to maintain good interactions with our puppy
purchasers. We have enjoyed getting to know many of the people who have taken
our puppies into their homes over the years. We are always available to help answer
questions. Our commitment to our puppies is life-long; any puppy born at

Pur-Plesur ALWAYS has a home here.

Each litter is carefully planned in the hope of improving on the quality of the
parents. We show in conformation
, so each litter has been bred with the intentions
of producing new show prospects for our program. Because we plan to keep at
least one puppy from each litter, we carefully consider all health, and
temperament issues, as well as, structure and breed type prior to each breeding.
Show prospect puppies are only placed in homes where the owner is committed to
competing with them or they stay here at Pur-Plesur.

We take names on a waiting list but only when we have a litter planned or on the
ground. We select names from the waiting list on the basis of quality of life
offered to the puppy not first come first served. Puppies are sold only to
qualified homes. Puppies and homes are matched, taking into consideration the
home environment and the temperament of each individual puppy.

Puppies are available only after 8 weeks of age. We do not sell dogs that would be
used for just “breeding stock”.

companion puppies are $800 ($150 non-refundable deposit) on a spay/neuter
contract. Our puppies are born and raised in our home (no kennel dogs here). You
will receive with your puppy a full puppy pack photocopies of all the parents
registries, health clearances, title certificates, pedigree, puppies shot records,
training information, our guidance for the life of your puppy, and more. (The
puppy's papers will be sent after spay or neuter.)

What is a “pet quality” puppy?
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